Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Favorite Son Saga: I Wouldn't Want To Be His Friend

TFS: Stylin', profilin', and always
ready with the one-linin'.
Both The Favorite Son (TFS) and I have a Spotify account. Because I tend to be unable to tolerate his mix of songs, it's my Spotify that is usually played on a blue tooth speaker at home or in the car.

One of the songs on my playlist is the Jim Carroll Band's People Who Died. It's a pretty groovin' tune, but it's also pretty depressing as Jim Carroll sings the list of people in his life who have, well, died. He even describes the method each of his friends met their demise:

G-Berg 'n' Georgie let the gimmicks go rotten,
So, they died of hepatitis in upper Manhattan.
Sly in Vietnam took a bullet to the head.
Bobby OD'd on Drano on the night that he was wed.
They were two more friends of mine.
Two more friends that died. I miss 'em. They died.

Recently, People Who Died came up in the Spotify queue on the car stereo as I drove TFS to the bus stop. We listened for a few seconds when TFS guilelessly commented, "I wouldn't want to be this guy's friend."

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