Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My 91-Year Old Girlfriend

My 91-year old girlfriend.
A beautiful, twinkly-eyed, 91-year old woman walks past my house several times a week and makes my day every time I see her. I know she's 91-years old because, after giving me a wide grin every time I say, "Hello," to her, she responds in broken English, "I'm 91-years old."

After it snowed a few weeks ago and as I cleared the driveway and my car, she grabbed the ice scraper/brush out of my hand and dusted the snow from my jacket and arms. Today, she said to me, "You are lucky. You have a beautiful home."

I answered, "I know I am. Thank you." Then, she reminded me that she was 91-years old.

"I hope I look as good as you when I'm 91-years old," I said.

"You will! You will!" she answered without hesitation before she assuredly continued her journey.

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