Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Must-Watch Sleeper: Lucky Number Slevin

It's not often that I see a movie I hadn't already known and hadn't seen, but turns out to be really good. Lucky Number Slevin (2006) fits the bill. I DVR'd it from SundanceTV a while ago and just finished watching it last week.

Lucy Liu: terrific actor and could hardly be any more adorable.

Great performances. Atypical story. Fun twist. Talented cast including Josh Harnett who plays the anti-hero, Slevin, Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis. Stanley Tucci, Danny Aiello, and Lucy Liu who was just absolutely adorable as Lindsey, Slevin's love interest. (I dare you not to fall in love with her character.)

Rotten Tomatoes compared Slevin unfavorably to Pulp Fiction and gave it only a 51% rating. I really hadn't considered the comparison until I read RT's review, although both Willis and Liu appeared in both films. I suppose there are a few similarities. Still, 87% of people who watched Slevin gave it a "thumbs up" according to RT.

If you get a chance, watch it. If you like it, think fondly of me. I think you will . . . like it, that is.

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