Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Fidget Spinners Are Here

If you haven’t yet heard about the Fidget Spinner from your kids, you will.

Fidget Spinner
Likes its predecessors, Slinky, Magic 8-Ball, Rubik’s Cube, Pet Rock, Beanie Baby, and Furby among many others, the Fidget Spinner has been the unmistakable and somewhat unexplainably hot toy, particularly among middle schoolers here in New York.

According to Addictive Fidget Toys website,

For some people, fidget spinner toys can provide a sense of comfort and peace in stressful situations. They can also provide a way to concentrate during a dull meeting. Because our fidget toys fit in your hand and are made with the best materials, you won’t ever have to deal with a lack of tactile stimulation again.

Would you buy a Fidget Spinner
from this face?
The Favorite Son bought a few Fidget Spinners with one of the gift cards and loves the things. A budding entrepreneur, he even bought a few extra and passed them on, with a reasonable mark-up, to a few of his friends . . . , but not at school, of course.

The highest customer rated Fidget Spinner on Amazon is the Colovis Fidget Spinner Tri-Hand Spinner Fidget Toy - Stress Reducer EDC Focus Toy for Kids and Adults. It retails for $16.99. There are Fidget Spinners for sale for as low as about $2.00 and for as much as $50.00. It appears prices are based on the ball bearings used at the center. Many of the descriptions and sales materials claim that Fidget Spinners reduce symptoms of ADHD. I doubt there have been any definitive studies done, so, I'm not sure how any seller can say that.

No, I don’t get it. Then, again, I didn’t get Pet Rocks or Stress Balls either. Anyway, I just want to keep you apprised of what your kids are (or will soon be doing) and will want for birthdays and holidays.