Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Super Secret Cheat: Band-Aid Waterproof Tough Strips

So, I had a minor surgery a few weeks ago. Out-patient. No big deal. No problem. Anyway, the surgeon need to make an incision that was a little more than an inch long on a part of my body that is almost always moving, muscles contracting, and so forth. As such, the stitches needed to stay in place for two weeks.

After the surgery, the nurse asked whether I wanted to clean and dress the wound every day or I wanted the "two-week dressing," which is the one that was supposed to stay on for two weeks. Easy. I chose the latter.

Of course, the two-week dressing came off in about three days, so I was forced to take care of the site myself for the next 11 days. I tried a couple different bandages, all by Band-Aid, which in my experience are the only one that will stick for longer than five minutes. Even so, most of the every-day use Band-Aid bandages fell off and I needed to apply new one two or three times a day.

Finally, I tried "Waterproof Tough Strips," also made by Band-Aid. This is the right one. The only time I had to remove this bandage was to clean the incision site. I can say with certainty, it wouldn't have come off had I not removed it. 

All of this begs the question, if the Waterproof Tough Strips won't come off, why not make all Band-Aid products with the same adhesive? I digress.

The ext time you or one of your children need first aid for a "boo-boo" and you need a bandage to stay, Band-Aid Waterproof Tough Strips is the one you want.