Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Favorite Son Saga: Not Lacking Confidence

"Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you lose. Sometimes, it rains." - Ebby Calvin Laloosh

If there's one thing my children aren't missing, it's confidence.

Donnie Baseball?
So, The Favorite Son (TFS) was a last minute roster addition to our local Warwick, New York Little League's Majors All-Star team. Sort of a crazy story, but TFS missed almost half the season due to what could have been a very serious illness, which is another blog for another day. In addition, there was apparently some drama during the Majors championship series resulting in the original All-Stars manager being relieved of his duties. (Come on, guys. Have you forgotten that Little League is about the kids learning life skills and not about your own ego or living vicariously through your child? Grow the f*ck up.)

I digress.

Anyway, that drama resulted in a last minute change in the team manager and TFS was asked the play on the team the day before the final roster was due at the District 19 Little League office.

In spite of TFS missing the last part of the season and not having had practiced with the team, he and I had been out throwing several times during the past few weeks and I've even thrown him some batting practice. So, on the way to our first game, TFS was very excited and talking about the Little League World Series in Williamsport. During our conversation, I offered a few fatherly suggestions like, "Remember, you haven't practiced with this team, so don't be disappointed if the coach has you batting last or you don't start," "Be a good teammate, use your baseball IQ, and lead by example," and, one of my favorites, "There's no crying in baseball." (I didn't actually say the last one.)

I also reminded him, "No matter where you bat in the order, just make contact and use your speed. Remember, you make contact better than anybody else in Warwick Little League."

To which he responded, "Yeah, but I probably make contact better than anyone in New York State."

Not lacking confidence.