Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Who Wants to See Kim Kardashian's Hoo-Hah?

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNINGSo, considering this is “The Single Father’s Guide Blog,” I address both single father parenting issues and navigating personal and romantic relationships as a single father, among many other topics. Few current events have afforded such a convenient opportunity to address both as Kim Kardashian’s recent post of a nude selfie on Twitter.

As a father of daughters, I think Ms. Kardashian’s counterfeit baby-talk, the overt, over-sexualization of her massive, imitation backside, and her constant “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!” behavior including a tasteless sex tape provides a miserable role model for young girls. Her behavior and the complicit media scream, “Character, grace, and dignity are irrelevant. To get attention from the opposite sex, ladies, you have to artificially enhance your sexuality and then broadcast pictures of your vagina to anyone on the planet who owns a smartphone.”

As a man who has sought a life-partner through dating, Ms. Kardashian’s example has created another layer of artificiality through which to navigate to find authenticity. What a guy wouldn't give for a confident, intelligent woman who takes care of herself physically and emotionally and who is real from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

The next time I hear some hypocritical, tedious talking head in the media blaming men or someone else for objectifying women, they’d better do a little self-reflection and ask themselves, “Do I promote behavior like that displayed by Ms. Kardashian for ratings or reader or advertising dollars?”

#KimKardashianYour15MinutesAreUp #StopGlorifyingIdiots

Kim Kardashian