Friday, February 5, 2016

Have Fun, Be Polite, & Make Good Decisions

Beautiful Daughters. Favorite Son.
It's a blessing that a man's journey has many milestones. I am blessed.

My First Beautiful Daughter returned from her first, very successful semester at the University of Missouri in December to spend the holidays and her winter break with her family, me included. I think she enjoyed the solace of home as she reconnected with her best friend sister, younger brother, friends, and family. For me, it was very nice to have her home.

The departure for her return flight to Lambert
Home for the Holidays.
International Airport in St. Louis was a reasonable time on a Saturday morning in mid-January. Still to get her to the Newark in time to check-in and get to her gate, we needed to leave our lower Hudson Valley home well before we saw the Sun. As I drove southward down the Garden State Parkway, I wondered to myself whether there was any nugget of wisdom that I wanted to impart before she returned to school.

Then, I remembered the times when I'd take my First Beautiful Daughter or one of her siblings to friends' houses for sleep-overs or play-dates, which, after the kids evolved into teenagers, became hang-outs, there was something I always said. It was sort of a mantra, which, I believed, would help to insure a happy and successful affair.

I pulled up to the Departures drop-off at the first of three colossal terminals at Newark Liberty Airport and pulled the First Beautiful Daughter's luggage from the trunk. As I walked around to the sidewalk and wheeled up her colorful suitcase, my daughter said, "Thanks, Dad."
Some things never change.

I responded, "Have fun. Be Polite. Make good decisions." She'd heard me say that a thousand times. Then, I said, "I love you."

As she walked away, I thought to myself, "This is the first time I dropped her off for a flight outside the terminal."