Friday, January 29, 2016

The Favorite Son Saga: A Win-Win

The Favorite Son: Always Clowning Around
If The Favorite Son (TFS) worked a tenth as hard actually doing his homework as he does trying to avoid his homework, he'd be valedictorian.

It had been a parenting mantra of mine, "No screen time during the week," which means no television, no gaming, etc. Monday through Thursday during the school year. It was even a "Single Father's Golden Rule" in The Single Father's Guide to Life, Cooking, and Baseball and a previous post, "The Favorite Son Saga: The X-Box Contract." (We've since swapped the X-Box for a PlayStation, so I'd assume the contract is void.)

To positively reinforce good study habits, however, I relented a little. When TFS makes good decisions in school, brings home all of his homework, and, in fact, does all of his homework, I've recently begun to allow TFS to have an hour, sometimes more, of screen time.

While I was traveling with my job recently, TFS called me on my phone:

TFS: Dad, can I play on the PS4?

Me: I heard that you didn't have your homework tonight.

TFS: Yeah, but Francesca (our awesome sitter) had to go shopping. She went to the school and got my homework. It was a win-win.

Me: (Laughing) A win-win? Where did you learn that.

TFS: From you, Dad. Can I play on the PS4?

Me: No, but you get extra credit for the win-win.