Friday, November 27, 2015

Your Epitaph

Live your life so your epitaph reads, “Well, he certainly wasn’t afraid to go for it.” When those letters have been carved, my friends, you will not have another chance.

Have you always wanted to write a book or do you have an idea for a screenplay, but you haven’t done it because you’re afraid that no one will like it? Fearful of starting a business for fear that it’ll fail? Afraid to ask the pretty girl for a date because you’re worried she’ll say, “No,” or that you'll be hurt?

It is possible no one will like your story.

Almost half of businesses fail within the first three years.

Sometimes, the pretty girl says, “No.”

Maybe, just maybe, they will, it won’t, and she’ll say, “Yes.”

Then, at the moment before you take your last breath, you’ll know that your Heaven will be the legacy of every person who was moved by your story. It will be the employees, their families, and customers whose lives were better for the work you did. It will be that pretty girl’s children who call you, “Dad,” their children who call you, “Grandpa,” and the generations to follow who will carry their inheritance to make the world a better place.

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to make a resolution. You don't resolve to do anything.

Just go for it.