Friday, November 13, 2015

The Seasons of Hope 2016 Calendar Ladies

June: "The Kindred Spirit"
Special thanks to all of the twelve incredible ladies who gave their time and true, moving stories to the Seasons of Hope 2016 Calendar. Each contributed not only to make the calendar beautiful and inspiring, but also to help create awareness, provide tools for prevention, and create hope for the women and their families who face breast cancer diagnosis.

January - Carol Chatellier
February - Christina Rowan
March - Carol Lahti
April - Meghan Haarmann
May - Mary Elizabeth Andreozzi
June - Theresa Dering
July - Klaudia Konrad
August - Lori Marrie
September - Marlayne Sick
October - Kelly Della Rosa
November - Carolyn Morris
December - Susan Kriegel

To learn more about the stories of these courageous breast cancer survivors, check out the Seasons of Hope 2016 Calendar at your favorite retailer. If your favorite retailer doesn't have calendars in stock tell them to order some!

An early version of Marlayne Sick's "Back to School" Shoot