Friday, October 9, 2015

To My Daughter at Her Sorority Initiation

On Tuesday, my beautiful daughter was initiated into the Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of Missouri. The Sorority asked parents as well as other family and friends to write a letter to the initiates on the special occasion. After the initiation, the new members receive the letters and read them. This was my letter.


October 6, 2015

Dearest Jordan Lynn:

On your path, you’ll see many milestones. Some, you’ve already overtaken, like getting your driver’s license, graduating high school, and acceptance to the university of your choice. Down the road, you’ll see and pass other milestones, like college degrees, your first professional job, perhaps even a committed relationship, children, and more. Today, you embrace another one of those milestones.

If our lives are like roads that wind through mountains, you’ll see breathtaking views. When you see that beauty, take the time to appreciate it. When you travel through dark valleys, be brave and continue to move forward. Those valleys may be beautiful in their own way, but they may also help you appreciate the mountains. As you move forward, you’ll very likely not see those same mountains and valleys again. Still, they exist. Even though you can’t see them now, they’re there. They’ve always been there.

As you travel and achieve those things that are important to you, know your family and friends are with you. We may be physically present or we may not. Still, some may no longer be here, in the present, to share and celebrate your milestones; know that those people are still there. Like that mountain you’ve passed, those people still exist. Though you can’t see them now, they’re there. They’ve always been there.

So, as you celebrate this special milestone today, initiation into Kappa Delta – Epsilon Iota Chapter. There is one thing I’ve always wanted for you, and that’s happiness. Congratulations. Know also that not only is my heart and my love with you today and every day, you can rest assured that your mother is there with you today, as well. She’s there, Princess. She’s always been there.