Friday, June 12, 2015

The Favorite Son Makes Scrambled Eggs

So, one recent Saturday morning after I returned from the gym, The Favorite Son (TFS) greeted me with, "Dad, I'm hungry. Would you make me scrambled eggs?"

Of course, I said, "No, but I'll help you make them."

So we got out the ingredients for the family scrambled egg recipe which included, of course, an egg, hot sauce, ranch dressing, olive oil, and shredded cheddar cheese. I thought it would be a good idea for TFS to do the work himself and that's when things got fun . . . and funny.

TFS cracked the egg and about 97% of it landed on the counter. We got another egg, but this time only 3% made it to the counter. Fortunately, the paper towels were handy. After the egg, he tried the dressing. Similar to the egg, at least as much dressing as egg also made it to the counter. More paper towels. On to the hot sauce, which all landed in the mixing cup. However, when TFS tried to put the bottle back on the counter, it dropped on the floor. Paper towels again. When it was time for the olive oil, TFS asked, "Dad, would you pour it."

Once it was all together, TFS poured the egg mixture into the pan, successfully tossed in a hand full of cheese, and scrambled it.

TFS's eggs turned out pretty good. He enjoyed making them, and I enjoyed him making them too. Clearly, he enjoyed them, too.