Friday, February 20, 2015

The Favorite Son Saga: Sometimes, It's Just About the Cat Video

The Boy and The Favorite Cat
Almost every night, the family cat, aka, The Favorite Cat (TFC), sleeps with The Favorite Son. I adopted TFC from the Warwick Valley Human Society when he was a year old a little more than five years ago. My friend, Kerry Lennon, who worked at the Warwick Valley Human Society at the time, and I walked into "the cat room," where literally dozens of homeless cats which play well with others, shared toys, kitty condos, scratching posts, and more, were kept. (The cats who didn't play well together stayed in single occupancy accommodations.) Then, TFC actually chose me. He tried to crawl up my leg and I really had no choice but to take him home.

TFC's not only proven to be a highly effective verminator, but he's also the most mild-tempered and affectionate feline I've ever met. See for yourself.

The Favorite Son is napping on the sofa and being hugged, groomed, woken, and made to laugh by our four-legged family member.

Sometimes, it's just about the cat video. Well, almost. If you want to adopt a cat, call your local Humane Society. If you live in the lower Hudson Valley in New York, call the Warwick Valley Humane Society at 845-986-2473.