Friday, November 28, 2014

Un-American: The College Football Playoff Selection Committee (Are You In?)

Yep. It’s true. Heck, if you think about it, the College Football Playoff Selection Committee (CFPSC) isn’t just un-American. It’s downright Communist. Think about it.

NCAA College Football Selection Committee: Un-American?

Communist Central Planning Committee
College Football Playoff Selection Committee
Comprised of a group of politicians and cronies who decide what’s good for everyone else.
Comprised of a group of politicians cronies who decide what’s good for college football.
Using objective data, subjectively decide the resource allocation to the proletariat.
Using objective data, subjectively decide which college football teams deserve to play for the national title.
While outwardly maintaining the system benefits the masses, decisions unfairly benefit only a few.
While outwardly maintaining the system benefits the fans, decisions unfairly benefit only a few.
Chairman uses media to cheerfully explain the benefits of the system.
Chairman uses media to cheerfully explain the benefits of the system.
Everyone lives with less except the committee cronies who divide the limited resources.
Fans and schools live with lesser bowl games and a less interesting playoff system except the CFPSC crony schools which divide the limited resources.

CFPSC Chairman Jeff Long
Potentially, the two most egregious omissions from the College Football Playoff exist in the Big 12 and Southeastern (SEC) Conferences. First, while Baylor and TCU both have identical conference and overall records and Baylor beat TCU in a head-to-head game, the Communist Party . . . er, I mean, the CFPSC has ranked TCU higher than Baylor, which means TCU may get a berth in the first college football playoff and Baylor may not. Second, either Georgia or Missouri, currently ranked 9th and 17th, respectively by the committee, will win the SEC East Division. The Bulldogs or the Tigers will then play the winner of the SEC West Division, either Alabama, currently ranked #1, or Mississippi State, #4 for the SEC Championship. However, if either Georgia or Missouri earn that title by actually winning the SEC, it is unlikely under the CFPSC that either will earn one of the coveted four playoff spots due to nebulous reasons like "body of work," "Top 25 wins," or something else.

What if there was a committee for the NFL or Major League Baseball and the Patriots or the Dallas Cowboys or the New York Yankees or San Francisco Giants, in spite of having won their respective divisions, are not included in a playoff because the committee decided that their schedule wasn’t strong enough or that they didn’t have enough “quality wins?”

That would be idiotic, right?

Here’s The Single Father's Guide answer. The NCAA College Football playoffs expand from four teams to eight teams and merit determines the playoff spots. Each of the winners of the five “power conferences,” the ACC, Big 12, Big Ten, SEC, and PAC-12, are in. Then, as in a representative republic, coaches of all NCAA Division I Football teams vote for the next three schools, similar to a wild card system, based on the proportional populations of its student body. For example, a school that has a student body of 30,000 would have three times the weight of a school that only has a student body of 10,000. Merit is rewarded, as potentially are special cases such as independents like Notre Dame, which plays a strong schedule each year, the small conference powerhouses like Marshall and Boise State if the non-conference schedule is reasonable, and the hard-luck teams like an undefeated or one-loss power conference team that loses its conference championship.

Roll Tide

Is any system perfect? Well, no.  Moreover, there will always be subversives who want to undermine a merit system for those who believe they know better. At least with “The Single Father’s Guide to the NCAA College Football Playoffs,” we’d be starting with the subversives NOT running the system.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Favorite Son Saga: Living With a Cartoon Character

Sometimes, I think I'm living with a cartoon character. This conversation took place, literally, last night.


THE FAVORITE SON: (Eating a wedge of mango like Bugs Bunny eats a carrot and walking from the family room to the kitchen for another piece.) You know, sometimes you're almost as good-looking as I do.

ME: (Freshly showered after family gym night and wearing jeans and a long sleeve tee-shirt.) Is now one of those times?

THE FAVORITE SON: (Replacing his mango wedge and returning to the family room and responding in a matter-of-fact tone.) Yes.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Middletown Thrall Library's Authors & Illustrators Showcase: December 6, 2014

Middletown Thrall Library
Don't miss your chance to meet the author of "The Single Father's Guide Blog," The Single Father's Guide to Life, Cooking, and Baseball, and Father Like a Tree, and dozens of other talented Hudson Valley authors and illustrators at the Middletown Thrall Library's First Annual Authors & Illustrators Showcase.

Matthew S. Field's Father Like a Tree
"Featured authors will cover a wide variety of genres including nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Meet Susan B. Pfeffer, Michael J. Worden, Bern Cohen, Marianne Sciucco, Matthew S. Field, and others."

Matthew S. Field
This is a great opportunity for both readers of "The Single Father's Guide Blog" and bibliophiles to meet authors, discuss literature, and even get a few signed books in time for the holidays. According to the Middletown Thrall Library's website, "This free event promises to be a wonderful opportunity for readers to meet local authors, to learn about the publishing process, and to view these authors' books."

The Middletown Thrall Library is located at 11-13 Depot Street in Middletown, New York. The Authors and Illustrators Showcase begins at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 6, 2014. For more information, call 845-341-5454. I hope to see you there.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Single Father's Guide Among Strictly Dating's "10 Best Dating Blogs for Single Dads"

Single Father Blogger Matthew S. Field, aka Yours Truly
The Single Father's Guide Blog has been recognized by Strictly Dating as one of its "10 Best Dating Blogs for Single Dads."

According to Strictly Dating, "Matthew Field blogs about his life raising his three kids whilst living in Hudson Valley’s Warwick, NY, USA. He is the author of ‘The Single Father’s (Guide)’ and the children’s book, ‘Father Like a Tree’ plus he’s working on a new book about dating as a single dad. Check out his posts on ‘First Date Sex and the Single Father’ and ‘Surviving Infidelity.’

Strictly Dating's mission is "to get exactly the right relationship for you. Together with our partners, we literally invest millions of pounds each year in state of the art technology to ensure that you get the best dating experience." Check out more at