Friday, September 19, 2014

Another Reality Television Dating Show SPECIFICALLY for Single Fathers

At "High School: The Musical ON ICE" ca. 2007
This is the second request I’ve received in as many weeks about casting for a reality television show. It must be the time of the year. Now, this one sounds sort of crazy, but fun.

I was contacted by Bray Entertainment’s Rachel Yeager who asked if I’d share this about the new show that she’s casting:

A television production company based out of New York is currently developing a new television series for a major cable network based on single fathers. We work with large networks such as History, Discovery, Lifetime, TLC, etc. and one of these networks is interested in speaking with single dads who are willing to introduce their family to a potential love interest. This woman would spend time with you and your family to see if there is a real connection.

We are interested in exploring the community of single dads who have taken on many roles as a single parent, and are ready to find the right person to become a part of their family. If any of this sounds interesting, we would welcome the opportunity to chat about the project and answer any questions you might have. You can reach us at 212-993-8540.

Single fathers who are “willing to introduce their family to a potential love interest” who would “spend time with (the single father and his family) to see if there is a real connection?” I’ll bet that would make for some interesting television.