Friday, March 7, 2014

New York's GAP ELIMINATION ADJUSTMENT: Balancing the State Budget on the Backs of Children

I'm not just an author of children's books. I'm also a parent, a single father, whose children attend school in New York State and I'm concerned.

To balance its budget, New York instituted the Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) under Governor David Patterson's administration and robbed New York school districts funding promised law. Legislators have taken the path of least resistance, our children, to meet its fiscal responsibilities. That is flat out wrong.

To fund their operations, school districts have either to raise property taxes or cut programs. Since New York State has limited the size of annual property tax increases, which is more than reasonable considering many New York counties have among the highest property taxes in the country, (see CNN Money: Highest Property Taxes in America), school districts are forced to reduce staff and reduce programs. Who is hurt by the illegal and immoral practice of GEA? Our children.

Take a minute and watch this video, (click the link below), to better understand GEA. Then, write your legislature and demand that those funds are returned to our school districts.

Thank you.

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