Friday, February 14, 2014

Michael Sam, Missouri Tigers, & Sexual Preference

Missouri Tigers Defensive End Michael Sam
Courtesy of KIRO TV
As a graduate of the University of Missouri, I am extremely proud of soon to be fellow alumnus, defensive end on the Cotton Bowl Champion Missouri Tigers football team, Southeastern Conference (SEC) Defensive Player of the Year, and future NFL draft pick, Michael Sam. Why am I so proud of Michael Sam? Well, his mental toughness, his dedication to strength and conditioning, and his fearlessness on the field as he shredded offensive lines and struck fear in the hearts of SEC quarterbacks were, in part, the reason Missouri was a game away from playing for the National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAA) Championship. Sam was an integral part of the reason the Missouri Tigers finished #5 in the final NCAA Poll this year.

Credit: Jimmy Margulies
Do I care what Michael Sam does in his bedroom? Do I think Michael Sam is brave for disclosing his sexual preference?

It isn’t necessary for my pediatrician or my electrician or the checker at the grocery store or the barista who makes my coffee to disclose to me how each satisfies their sexual needs. What I need to know is whether my pediatrician can take care of my children when they’re sick, whether my electrician can safely wire my breaker box, whether the checker charges me the right amount for my groceries, and whether my coffee tastes good. The only thing that has been important to me about Michael Sam is his ability to make Missouri’s defense more effective. All I’ve cared about whether Michael Sam could do his job. Clearly, he could and did.

Similarly, readers of this blog or my books should only care whether my writing is interesting, educational, and entertaining. Readers should not care about my romantic preference. Because it's become so popular to do so, however, she's a mom, a fisherwoman, a photographer, and an entrepreneur.

Clearly, I'm the brave one.

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