Friday, December 6, 2013

Super Secret Cheats: Freshpet Select Cat Food

I'm a real a dog lover.

Since I've been a real single parent for nearly the past nine years for three young children, however, the time and responsibilities of dog ownership would have been just too much for me. So, in order to enjoy a pet experience with the kids, I've had cats.

I've learned quite a bit about cats. Probably, the most important lesson relates to cat nutrition.

For a long time, cats we owned had difficulty digesting the typical grocery store food, even popular brands like Purina, Iams, and the like. I discovered that most cat foods seem to use corn meal as a filler, and corn meal irritates cats' delicate digestive systems.


How did I know corn meal irritates cats' digestive system? Well, I got sort of tired of cleaning cat vomit and smelling foul odors from the litter box.

So, I started to buy a cat food with no corn meal. Taste of the Wild seemed to have been the best for our cats. The instances of upset stomach decreased precipitously and there even seemed to be fewer hairballs. Odor at the cat box decreased, but the frequency of visits and volume production didn't.

Recently, after we'd run out of Taste of the Wild and I wasn't able to stop at my favorite pet store, I checked the ingredients in a refrigerated cat food, Freshpet Select Cat Food: no corn meal filler.

Our cat, Fiver, didn't take to the food immediately. Like Morris, Fiver is finicky. However, after a few days, he was eating. What I discovered was a pleasant surprise.

First, Fiver ate less because, I assume, Freshpet Select better satisfies Fiver's nutritional needs with less food. Next, similar to to our/his Taste of the Wild, he had no problems with indigestion or hairballs. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the odor and frequency at the litter box decrease significantly, which made the management scientist in me very happy. Smaller volumes at the cat box both means perhaps fewer cat box cleanings and makes the litter last longer. That saves money.

Anything that saves time and money makes me happy.

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