Friday, June 21, 2013

Plan Ahead for the Summer Movie Season!

Memorial Day was the unofficial start of summer. Pools are open. Propane tanks are filled and charcoal is purchased to barbecue steaks, burgers, dogs, and burger-dogs. (We'll talk about burger-dogs later.) And, of course, summer movie blockbusters are released.

A few of this summer's most anticipated movies include Oblivion with Tom Cruise, Iron Man 3, the new Star Trek 2: Into DarknessThe Hangover III, starring The Second Favorite Daughter's new favorite actor, Bradley Cooper and mine, Zach Galifianakis, and Will and Jaden Smith's After Earth. Like a lot of single dads, moms, and, well, just about everyone, it's likely that I and some permutation of my family and friends will see one or more of these movies.  Personally, The Hangover III and Star Trek 2 are high on my list, but I'll probably wait to see Oblivion on pay-per-view and pass on Iron Man 3 completely. (I've already seen and reviewed After Earth, "Movie Review: After Earth." It's a dog.)

Aside, who knew Robert Downey, Jr. would have lasted this long after having had both acted in and lived the real-life movie adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero?

While I'd already shared one way to avoid the big line at your local movie theater in a recent edition of the Single Dad Super Secret Cheats, the single dad can avoid all potential problems with getting movie tickets: BUY THEM ONLINE!

My favorite online ticket service is (Click link or the banner on the right to order your tickets.) Save yourself some time, money, and stress; order the movie tickets ahead of time. Then, stroll right to the concession stand for your popcorn and candy and find your seats!

Sorry, but I can't help much with the high cost of movie theater nachos. Well, maybe I can, but that will have to be the subject of another Single Dad Super Secret Cheats!

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