Friday, May 10, 2013

Single Father Super Secret Cheats: Movie Tickets

Welcome to the first installment of Single Father Super Secret Cheats, a new series here on The Single Father's Guide Blog. This feature will highlight little tools, shortcuts, tricks, and cheats in which no one is harmed, of course, that will make the life of the single father and his children just a little bit easier. Is there single, single father who couldn't use a little extra help now and then?

The first Single Father Super Secret Cheat? Movie tickets.

Today, it's easier than ever to buy movie tickets using or The prerequisite for making a pre-purchase of tickets is, of course, you and your children or you and your date have chosen a movie before you arrive at the theatre. What happens, however, when you make a spur-of-the-moment decision to see a movie, the self-serve computer ticket kiosks aren't working, and the line at the ticket booths is 150 feet long?

So, here's the cheat. Almost all of the newer theatres, Regal, AMC Loew's, Wehrenberg, and so forth, have a customer service desk in the theater lobby behind which a manager sits. Typically, there aren't many complaints for the duty manager to handle, so he or she is most often shootin' the breeze with a  cinephile or a staffer. A lot of folks don't know that movie goers can also buy tickets at that customer service desk.

This very thing happened on the night that The Hunger Games was released. The Second Beautiful Daughter, who read and is perhaps the biggest fan of The Hunger Games Trilogy, and a friend wanted to see the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. I don't think we could even be bought online due to some sort of opening night blackout and, when we arrived at the theatre, the line for both the ticket kiosks and ticket booths were incredibly long. My daughter and her friend were overcome with anxiety that we wouldn't be able to get tickets, so I asked the young ladies to get a spot in line while I strolled into the lobby and to the theatre's customer service desk where I bought three tickets for the showing we wanted before it sold out. The Second Beautiful Daughter and her friend were ecstatically amazed and I was a hero.


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