Friday, February 22, 2013

Math Help for Your Little Logical Thinkers

In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled "U.S. Math Scores Hit a Wall," Robert Tomshow wrote, "Fewer than four of 10 fourth- and eighth-graders are proficient in mathematics, according to a highly regarded federal test given in early 2009, adding to recent evidence that the U.S. drive to become more economically competitive by overhauling public education may be falling short."

While the macro-educational issues may be a tangential (pun intended) concern, single dads, your micro-educations concern is certainly directed toward your own children. In addition (pun intended), while it may bother you that math proficiency among American students may adversely affect the 21st century economy, your energy is focused toward helping your kids get good grades in elementary school to prepare them for high school so they can get into a good college and get a good job so they can find a good spouse so they can have good kids so they can worry like you do about their childrens' futures.

What's the point?

Oh, yeah. Math. I found a couple of great resources for math help and practice for your little scholars. Of course, there are others, but The Favorite Son seems to like these the best.

Math Help:


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