Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Single Dad's Tip of the Day: Lining Up Your Putt

I don't know how many times I need to make this clothing error with my son before I learn my lesson, but like a Tiger Woods learns the line after Rory McIlroy putts from the same part of the green, learn from me.

To make my mornings go more smoothly during the school year, I lay out my son's clothes so, after he gets out of the shower, he can just get dressed. (He's still only eight, and it's a HUGE time saver to have his clothes ready!)

On a cool September morning, I put out jeans, a white tee-shirt to "layer," and a nice, light colored golf-style shirt to pull over. After he dresses, combs his hair, and brushes his teeth, my little man walks into the kitchen to eat his breakfast.

That day, our breakfast is Daddy's Chocolate Chip Strawberry Cookie Pancakes (for recipe, see The Single Father's Guide to Life, Cooking, and Baseball). Of course, next to his plate is a fork and a napkin. Nevertheless, when he gets a little bit of chocolate chip on his face, he wipes it with his hand rather than the napkin. Then, he wipes his hand on his shirt along with a large glob of chocolate chip.

Dude! The napkin!

As he finishes his breakfast and before we walk out the front door to catch the school bus, I run upstairs to grab him another shirt. The second shirt is navy blue.

Go to school on me, fellow single dads. Put the light-colored shirts away until your son is at least, well, married. In their stead, buy dark shirts . . . or at least don't let him get dressed until after he finishes his breakfast!

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